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Music by Bergman: Sirens Of Lesbos

Sirens Of Lesbos is the new wave of Worldbeat,
shifting the genre from folkloristic cliché and cheap
exoticism to urban nonchalance.

Difficult to box and even more difficult not to love, Sirens of Lesbos all met through the city of Bern’s vibrant musical scene. A collection of instrumentalists, music producers and choir singers, their own unique musical backgrounds contribute to their distinctly modern, yet retro sound.

 In the case of SOL, the long-awaited debut from Sirens of Lesbos, the listener is served a delectable smorgasbord of intoxicating instrumentation with notes of reggae, R&B, funk and pop. Here, flavours are steadily developed, culminating in a well-tempered sonic palette which leaves a lasting impression.