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4Ever Songs: Kate Bush ‘Wuthering Heights’

Despite having written more than 100 songs before the release of the first single, Kate Bush was only 18, in 1977, when she wrote her debut Wuthering Heights, inspired by Emily Bronte’s homonymous novel which was published more than a century before in 1846. Bush shares the same birthday as the book’s author, she also happens to be called the same as the Bronte’s most known character, Catherine. If the coincidences seem to be another excuse to justify the legitimacy of Kate Bush’s composition of the song dedicated to the book, the facts that she was a genius performer and an genuine talent remain undiscussed facts.

Wuthering Heights was the catalyst of an incredible career in the music industry and, in hindsight, she was right to insist for it to be her first release despite pushback from her record label; it gained her the title of first female performer to ever have a self-written number 1 hit in the U.K.