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Ville à Dômat #153: We Are Avant-Garde

Som avantguarda! En aquest nou capítol de Ville à Dômat tindrem com a convidats a la banda indie argentina del moment: Los Coming Soon A més, entrevistarem a la gent del Say it Loud Festival.
Divus Julius Bonasera punxarà el més nou de Röyksopp, The Head and The Heart, Fenech-Sole,r Strfkr, Dirty Projectors i descobrirà a noves bandes com Sweat, Sarasara, Wyland, Black Honey o Mozes and the Firstborn entre d’altres. Us informarem sobre el Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Sitges i del Festival Orgànic. Ens endinsarem en l’univers de la nova sèrie d’ History Channel: Barbarians, The Rising.
Dilluns de 19h a 21h a Radio Ciutat Vella 100.5FM
Ville à Dômat: We Are Avant-Garde

Music by Bergman: Wyland

Sometimes inevitability dictates the roads we take, leading us to fateful coincidences, Craigslist ads, and a little bit of blind luck. That’s exactly how four-piece Wyland came to be.

Marrying atmospheric rock with a modern pop sensibility and traditional strings and piano, Wyland skillfully crafts tunes that show appreciation for both the present and the past. The band has appeared alongside quite an impressive roster thus far, including Mumford & Sons, Alabama Shakes, and the Vaccines, to name a few.

The up-and-coming quartet has received much praise from publications like The Jersey Journal, PopMatters, The Jersey Journal, PopMatters, The Deli and All Things Go. CMJ stated, “Wyland has an instantly digestible sound. The band blends suburban angst with city kid confidence.”