Arenal Sound: We Have Band

We Have Band return with an introduction to their forthcoming album, ‘The Woods’ EP released on 26th April 2015 through Republic Of Music, and will play live in London on 9th June at The Lexington. Since 2010 We Have Band have released three albums ‘WHB’ (2010), ‘Ternion’ (2012) and ‘Movements’ (2014). They have played hundreds of gigs all over the world, worked with a collection of lauded producers and remixed Gorillaz, Bloc Party and M83 amongst others. Just nine months after the release of their critically acclaimed album ‘Movements’ (4* reviews in Q, NME, The Sun, 8/10 in Uncut), their new ‘The Woods’ EP represents a different WHB, propelled by an electronic pop ambition, influenced by the high energy of their live shows and is their strongest music to date. Today at 1.45h at Negrita Stage.

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