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Local Bands: Mourn

Mourn began their career in 2014 and, after the release of their self-titled debut, they became one of the sensations of the season inside and outside the national borders. With a brazen and powerful guitar rock influenced by the sound of the 90s, the Cabrils-based youth quartet returned last year with a new EP titled Over The Wall (Captured Tracks, 2017). Tonight at Vida Festtival.


Local Bands: Balago

La banda barcelonina Balago, formada per David Crespo -l’únic que ha participat en tots els àlbums del grup- i Guim Serradesanferm presenten el seu nou disc, ‘El demà’ (2018), un nou pas en la seva constant evolució en un so que busca obrir nous camins a partir de l’experimentació. Avui en concert a la sala ArtTe.

Local Bands: Oso Leone

There is music that is naturally beautiful and there is music that is artificially beautiful. The first hardly needs any make up to enhance the beauty; the second also radiates beauty but needs a little postproduction. There is a third and rare category to which Oso Leone belong:  the beauty of their music is not only intrinsic, but they also know how to embellish it with masterful touches. The fact that musical golden ratio of the Mallorca band was destined for universal fame was already obvious on Mokragora (2013), a folktronic fantasy that caught the attention of half the planet. Gallery Love, their third album, is like a map of an imaginary glass city. Jingles, transparencies, sparkles, reflections… Beauty that is at once fragile and solid. Natural and artificial splendour.

Local Bands: Orange Broek

El duet de synthpop de Barcelona format per Pere Jurado i Arnau Feixes és un nom a tenir en compte. Caixes de ritmes, sintes, melodies d’infecció massiva i regust a Ultravox en un pop de lletres encertadíssimes, on hi ha una certa equidistància entre la irònica distància d’uns Astrud i les temàtiques de desamor cobertes de colors d’uns Pet Shop Boys. Dos working class synthpop heroes.

Local Bands: Ferenc

Fra Soler and Maxi Ruiz are the masterminds behind Ferenc, an impressive techno project that was born in 2003 with the hit ‘Yes Sir I Can Hardcore’. This success was followed by the excellent ‘Fraximal’ and ‘Zambomba’ (Kompakt,2008) before the duo then put the partnership on temporary hold. Fra is known for his longstanding residence at Nitsa and for performances in across the world, and Maxi has been part of the artistic cast for the Apollo group for several decades.
Finally breaking the silence after several years, the duo have  presented their new material at MIRA 2017 at the 3D Sound Room by SON Estrella Galicia, with a live performance in which the expert use of sophisticated arrangements, subtle sound selection and the elegant trademark references of both artists promise a world-class techno experience.

Local Bands: Medalla

What at first seemed like the substitute for the former garage rock promise The Saurs has ended up becoming a project in its own right. Medalla, with its current formation of Eric Sueiro, along with Benoît García, Marc López and Joan Morera, start from that energetic torrent to offer an exciting mixture of kraut, pop and metal. Their two first singles so far, Furor and Montaña Cruces, have positioned them as the great promise on the Barcelona rock guitar scene. They will be able to confirm it with their debut album, produced by Sergio Pérez (Svper) and released on El Segell.