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Music by Bergman: Hurts

Hailing from Manchester, Hurts are a synthesizer-based duo featuring vocalist Theo Hutchcraft and keyboardist/guitarist Adam Anderson. Known for their arty and striking self-produced videos, Hurts make epic, dramatic pop music that takes inspiration from a finely curated mix of influences including ’70s Krautrock, ’80s new wave, and ’90s R&B.

The Manchester synth-pop duo ) shared their first new material since 2017’s “personal pop album” ‘Desire’. Following the brighter sounds of their last record, Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson have sought to return to their pop-noir roots.

Music by Bergman: Film School

Film School is an american indie rock band from Los Angeles and San Francisco, California. Inspired by post-punk, dreamy pop, and a touch of electronica,

Over the past few years, west coast shoegazers Film School have been showing they’re better than ever, having returned from a near-decade-long hiatus with their 2018 LP Bright To Death. The album found the California-based band reviving the dream-pop sound they began crafting in the late ’90s, combining hazy guitars with unrelenting rhythms, and the emotive vocals of frontman/founding member Greg Bertens. In February the band return with a new single titled Swim.

Music by Bergman: Drab City

Mixing savage lyrics with a haunting, cinematic sound, this enigmatic duo deliver potent songs for surreal times. A heady air of dislocation envelops Drab City’s debut album, where songs of innocence and experience merge with dub, hip-hop, dream-pop and jazzy soundtrack vibes to intoxicating effect. Drab City are fixated on social alienation, violent revenge, and (perhaps) romantic love as salvation; topics not new in music, but listening to Drab City in 2020, one is struck by how uncommon they’ve become.


On the streets of Puerto Rico, buscabulla is slang for troublemaker. The two people behind the Brooklyn-based band Buscabulla, however, are rabble-rousers in name only. Together, girlfriend-boyfriend team Raquel Berrios and Luis Alfredo Del Valle make music that is 100% appealing: slinky, sexy, Spanish-language. They’ve been perfecting their signature sound—an irresistible, retro-tinged mix of psych, soul, Caribbean music and everything in betweenfor about three years.

Buscabulla has released this year their long-awaited debut album, Regresa. The band first single and video was “NTE”, (“No Te Equivoques” or “Don’t Get It Wrong”).

Music by Bergman: Washed Out

Music as a refuge, music as stress relief, music as a drug or an adjunct to drugs: Ernest Greene, the songwriter who records as Washed Out, has always embraced those functions with a hint of ambivalence. … Greene inaugurated the minimovement that became known as chillwave with Washed Out’s first EPs in 2009.

More than a decade since chillwave had its moment, Washed Out is still making dreamy electro-pop tunes, and now he’s released his latest one. “Too Late” comes with an ambitious crowd-sourced video.

Music by Bergman: Moses Sumney

With a life spanning southern California and Ghana, it’s no wonder that Moses Sumney’s music amounts to a totally unclassifiable product while rising above as an act of resistance in itself. His unmistakable and singular falsetto, which he uses as another instrument in the mix, serves him to probe his orchestral and deeply experimental indie rock. This very 2020 he released Cut Me, an EP comprising 4 deeply intimate songs about how to avoid romantic love at all cost and that position him as a new ilk of avant-garde pop star. Some days ago he released his double album grae.