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Music by Bergman: Bellevue Days

Bellevue Days are an alt-rock band from Croydon Surrey. They have released three EPs and an album. Bellevue Days are back, streaming a brand new track, ‘2020 Vision’. 

Showcasing a seductive, on-the-edge-of-your-seat new sound, it’s a one-off single that follows on from the Croydon alt-rock band’s debut album, 2019’s ‘It Can’t Possibly Go Wrong Ever’.

Music by Bergman: Ten Tonnes

22-year-old Ten Tonnes – real name Ethan Barnett – is the younger brother of George Ezra, but with his debut record he showed he is not in his brother’s shadow. Though they both have very cheerful poppy guitar filled songs, and Ten Tonnes steers away from his elder brother’s influence through the incorporation of the ’90s/’00s indie rock genre.

‘Girl Are You Lonely Like Me?’ is the first slice of new music from Ten Tonnes since the release of last year’s barnstorming self-titled debut album. 

Music by Bergman: Grandbrothers

Grandbrothers is a piano/experimental duo from Düsseldorf (Germany), that use a self-built system of electromagnetic hammers to trigger a grand piano and use it as a kind-of drum machine. In their music there are no synthetic sound sources, all comes from the grand piano.

Grandbrothers have shared a cinematic new video for “All The Unknown,” the title track from their third album which is set for January 15th release on City Slang. The visually striking, surreal clip explores and maximises the dramatic builds and crescendos within Grandbrothers’ expressive music.

Music by Bergman: Will Joseph Cook

Will Joseph Cook makes pop music in 3D. Though his melodies are instinctively catchy, it͛s the poignant, questioning lyrics that linger uncomfortably under your skin.

With his long-awaited new album ‘Something To Feel Good About’ arriving next month, Will Joseph Cook is sharing brand new track ‘DOWNDOWNDOWN!’ alongside a new vid created by Youtuber Bertie Gilbert.

Music by Bergman: Dreamer Boy

Having already spent time on the road with scene-leaders Clairo and Omar Apollo, Nashville’s Dreamer Boy is making waves with his fun bops inspired by puppy dogs, romance and daydreams. It’s all very warm and reassuring, in a coming-of-age, friends-for-life, everyone-goes-through-stuff kinda way. Currently working on the follow-up to his 2018 debut album ‘Love, Nostalgia’, he’s an exciting prospect for the year ahead.

.The new single from Dreamer Boy, Crybaby, was inspired less by Johnny Cash or Dolly Parton and more by George HarrisonDavid Bowie, and a particularly life-changing day spent indulging in psychedelics.

Music by Bergman: Viagra Boys

Sweden’s worst kept secret, Viagra Boys is a garage-rock /post-punk band. Their critically acclaimed debut album “Street Worms” was released in September 2018. Back in March, Viagra Boys surprise dropped a new EP called Common Sense. It was pretty great and hinted at more new music on the horizon. Some days ago, the band has returned with news of just that: In January, Viagra Boys will greet the new year with a sophomore outing titled Welfare Jazz. Along with the announcement, Viagra Boys have shared a new song called “Ain’t Nice.”