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Divus Julius presents…Catholic Action

Catholic Action are four young men from Glasgow. Led by 23 year old songwriter and producer, Chris McCrory – the band marry classic pop songwriting, art rock sensibilities and glammed up, melodic guitar playing – before squeezing it all through a slacker-pop filter and making a sound utterly their own.  In the midst of one of the most successful periods of their career to date which has featured everything from US shows to releasing beloved singles, the Glasgow-based outfit have now declared that their first full length In Memory Of will be released via Modern Sky.


Divus Julius presents…Felix Pallas


Relatively new kids on the block, Felix Pallas have new material baked and ready to serve. They are a fantastic new band with roots well anchored in the equally fantastic city of Antwerp in Belgium. The same city which saw Warhola rise from and we wouldn’t be surprised if Tsar B came from the same place too.

Band members include Simon, Pieter-Jan, Xavier and Ziggy. They have been busy putting the finishing touches and finalising their forthcoming EP with Chris Zane in London and expect it to be dropped after the summer. He’s the guy behind such successes as Chloé Howl, Friendly Fires, St Lucia and more delights throughout the years.

You’ll love the catchy nature of “Similarities” and how the song sticks with you. It is a real winning track

Divus Julius…presents Mallrat

The 17-year-old Brisbane singer/rapper, better known as Mallrat, has racked up quite a list of achievements — from gaining radio recognition, both locally on Triple J and abroad on LA’s KCRW, to performing alongside the likes of Allday on his ‘University Boy’ tour and Sydney’s Come Together music festival.  Using and combining this decent blend of electro-poppy vibes meets rap in a concoction, You can here influences from R&B to deep house in “Uninvited”, as well as some of her other songs in her limited catalog, including the more up-tempo “For Real”

Divus Julius presents…A House In The Trees

They’ve dropped the first track from their new EP, the appropriately-titled ‘Summertime’, which proves to be a lush entry point to the South London collective. It was recorded in The Rising Sun pub in New Cross, a creative hub where musicians can make music for free, as long as they bring a bit of kit with them. That idea seeps into their music, as they craft a stunning cocktail of laid-back grooves, dreamy vocals and a stuttering trip-hop beat. A hedonistic wonder, perfect for those long summer-nights.
A House In The Trees’ ‘Summertime’ is a hedonistic wonder, perfect for those long summer-nights.