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Divus Julius presents: Thundercat

Thundercat forms a cornerstone of the Brainfeeder label; he released “Golden Age of Apocalypse” (2011), “Apocalypse” (2013), followed by EP “The Beyond / Where The Giants Roam” featuring the modern classic ‘Them Changes’.  He was later “at the creative epicenter” of the 21st century’s most influential hip-hop album Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp A Butterfly”, where he won a Grammy for his collaboration on the track ‘These Walls’ before releasing his game-changing third album “Drunk” in 2017. In 2018 Thundercat and Flying Lotus composed an original score for an episode of Golden Globe and Emmy award winning TV series “Atlanta” (created and written by Donald Glover).

Thundercat has shared another track from his forthcoming album ‘It Is What It Is’. Titled ‘Dragonball Durag’, it follows up on lead single ‘Black Qualls’ in previewing the full-length, which drops on April 3rd.


Divus Julius presents: Kompromat

KOMPROMAT is a new band performed by Vitalic & Rebeka Warrior (Sexy Sushi). Inspired by old berliner techno music, it’s somewhere between Einstürzende Neubauten and Crash Course in Science. Punk, rock, dark & sweet, KOMPROMAT smells like a battle cry and a call to prayer. It makes you wanna lift your arms in the air and dance while crying. Traum and Existenz is their debut album.

Divus Julius presents: Oscar Lang

Oscar Lang is an 18-year-old living in London. He began writing music in 2011 at age 11, but only properly started writing as ‘pig’ in 2016. Since then, he has released two self-produced albums, Teenage Hurt and Silk, on Spotify. Teenage Hurt, Lang’s first album, took almost two years to complete. According to Oscar, the record is “a weird mix of songs” he’d written over a long span of time.

Oscar Lang presents a change in his mew single ‘Flowers,’ a song that is like  to blend a mix of the old Beatles-esque psychedelia and a modern sound,

Divus Julius presents: Phobophobes

Time has ultimately made Phobophobes‘ 2018 debut LP Miniature Word a fascinating portrait of this brooding south London band. Releasing the record some way on from the group’s formation in 2013 has meant a richness of experience comes across in this dark, psychedelic tinged offering.

Inspired by “a drug-fuelled American banjo player and Baby Jane Holzer”, South London’s Phobophobes have shared their scuzzy newbie ‘Moustache Mike’.  Taken from their hotly anticipated second album, the six-piece blend hypnotic hooks with their weird pop leanings, creating an uncompromising banger that’s both dark and dreamy.


Divus Julius presents: Creeper

Creeper was originally meant to put the flamboyance back into punk. A few years ago he and some friends recorded a self-titled EP, released it, and that was that. They never intended to play a show. They never planned a follow-up. They certainly never expected, three years later, to be sat in the central London offices of their record label talking about a debut album that draws as much from film and television as it does their musical heroes. It’s been a journey, with the band always threatening to outrun the reach of their control, but somehow they’ve managed each leap forward with grace and style. The band have given up their day jobs, and now Creeper is their full-time concern. They’re still injecting the flamboyance back into punk, but now, there are bigger targets in mind.

The Southampton goth-punks have returned with a new single, ‘Born Cold’, after a year-long hiatus.

Divus Julius presents: Grouplove

Considering how transparent they often are on social media, at first glance you might think there isn’t anything else to learn about the zippy L.A. alt-rockers Grouplove. Underneath the surface of their catchy tracks and moody lyrics, it turns out that the band members are actually a collection of real characters. It is this medley of varied personalities that makes their unique sound and style possible.

They originally wanted to be called Group, but the record label felt that wouldn’t translate well on the Internet. Grouplove are back with a new single. ‘Deleter’was recorded at El Paso, Texas’ Sonic Ranch with producer Dave Sitek, and marks an early teaser from the Los Angeles-based band’s upcoming new album, due later this year.