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Divus Julius presents: FHIN

Blending all types of different genres is the mark that have left the French producer with his previous release and his new track is not an exception. Bringing smart electronic sounds to the pop genre is not an easy task as it is hard to convince electronic fans to get out of their comfort zone. The unachievable becomes achievable thanks to the amazing talent of Fhin who somehow manage brilliantly to marry those two genres.

Divus Julius presents: Rone

Electronic music in France has always been in the musical spotlight. Rone has become particularly admired in the French music scene, due to his amazing imitation of “intergalactic” sounds and creative visuals. His real name is Erwan Castex; ‘Rone’ being a successful pseudonym for his stage performances.

Last week he  shared “Esperanza,” the fourth single from his forthcoming album, Room With a View.

Divus Julius Presents: MUSH

Mush are a four-piece band from Leeds . They pride themselves on their unconventional approach and specialise in absurdist, angular and exhilarating lo-fi guitar pop.

Mush are back with news of their second album, ‘Lines Redacted’. Due for release on 12th February 2021 via Memphis Industries, its comes barely a year after their debut, ‘3D Routine’. The record is preceded by their comeback single, ‘Blunt Instruments’.

Divus Julius presents: Faithless

25 years ago, the band of Rollo Armstrong, Sister Bliss and Maxi Jazz presented ‘Insomnia’ to the world. The track, anthem of nocturnal restlessness, is part of their first album ‘Reverence’, from 1996. But what was that? It was the beginning of the transformation of our notion of dance music.

Now, the dance music pioneers Faithless released a new LP‘All Blessed’ a decade after their last studio album,

Divus Julius presents… Woodkid

Yoann Lemoine, better known as Woodkid, released his first Iron EP in 2011. The single “Iron” was used to promote the game Assassin’s Creed: Revelations. A year later he released his second single “Run Boy Run” which was used to promote the game Dying Light in 2013, and for his video clip he was nominated for a 2013 Grammy Award in the category of “Best Short Format Music Video”. His first album, “The Golden Age”, was released on March 18, 2013.

Woodkid, is a singer-songwriter, video director and graphic designer. He explores all different aspects of the creative industries by embracing his all-encompassing curiosity. With S16 (the symbol and atomic number of sulphur), Woodkid delivers a personal album, a true allegory of the personal struggle that everyone has with themselves.

Divus Julius presents: Black Foxxes

Black Foxxes are an English indie rock band from Exeter, England. Formed in 2013, their sound has been described as “a mix of ’90s grunge and indie rock with early-2000s emo and alt-country elements.

Weeks ahead of their self-titled, third album, alternative UK band Black Foxxes have shared the new track “Jungle Skies,” alongside a black-and-white visual, directed by the Bristol-based filmmaker Ciara Flint. The song finds the trio’s songwriter and frontman, Mark Holley, painting a starkly honest picture of depression.

Divus Julius Presents: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah are an American Indie band, originally from Brooklyn, (New York) and Philadelphia, (Pennsylvania). The group, whose members met at the University of Connecticut, formed in early 2004 and began playing clubs in Manhattan and Brooklyn. is led by Alec Ounsworth.

They are known to achieve their fame through the internet without using any record company. They debuted with an eponymous album, “Clap Your Hands Say Yeah”, self-produced and self-distributed, which found worldwide resonance mainly through its promotion through the Internet and the attendance of well-known rock figures such as David Bowie or David Byrne at their concerts.

Three years on since their last album ‘The Tourist’Clap Your Hands Say Yeah have announced that their new album ‘New Fragility’ will be out on 29th January. Sharing two brand new singles to celebrate the news, Alec Ounsworth says of ‘Hesitating Nation’ and ‘Thousand Oaks’, “These songs are politically motivated, which is unusual for me.