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Divus Julius presents: Oscar Anton

Oscar Anton has had an incredibly productive time with the release of a new pack of songs each month. The French artist has compiled each of these into an impressive twenty-eight song collection titled ‘Home of Sanity (The Playlist‘)

ophelie is a beautifully hypnotic electronic anthem that shines through its Mediterranean grooves, Oscar’s sultry vocal delivery, and the slinky guitar instrumentation. The set also contains Oscar’s standout track bye bye which has gone on to amass an impressive 2.6 million streams on Spotify or the precious tune reflet. Oscar Anton is a self-proclaimed bedroom artist. 

Divus Julius presents: Crumb

Crumb are one of those rare bands who had a fully-realized sound right out the gate. Their pair of early EP’s, 2016’s Crumb and 2017’s Locket, found a wholly unique middle pathway between dream-pop, psych-rock, indie-rock, and jazz. Jinx felt like the quartet paring back their sprawling songwriting into more succinct pop songs, and “Trophy” sounds like a continuation of that refined trajectory.

Now, they share a pair of new tracks, ‘Balloon’ and ‘BNR’. The latter comes with an accompanying video directed by Joe Mischo.

Divus Julius presents: Mother Mother

Canadian indie rock band Mother Mother have released two new tracks, I Got Love and Stay Behind.  Having recently shot to new found fame thanks to online influence, the new songs from the band come as a fresh take on their electro-alternative style.

Having begun their musical career in 2005, with various artists and musicians coming in and out of the band throughout the years, it’s fair to say Mother Mother have had a recent surge in popularity. This is in major part thanks to the popular youth platform, TikTok. Older songs such as HayloftVerbatim and Train of Thought have provided the backing tracks for thousands of online videos. They have been used for serious creative endeavours, as well as satirical comedic purposes.

Divus Julius presents: Max Bloom

Lead singer of British band Yuck and a very good friend and producer of Japanese indie band Luby Sparks eponymous 2018 debut album, In February, British indie rockers Yuck shared news of their breakup. Now, vocalist/guitarist Max Bloom has announced a new solo album titled Pedestrian, out June 18th via Bloom’s own label Ultimate Blends.

Bloom started recording the album over the past year after getting to running, a passion he shared with a regular group of musicians including Spoon, Beck, and Yellow Magic Orchestra. Their influence — plus Wilco, George Harrison, and Grandaddy — served as his primary inspiration for the project’s sound.

Divus Julius presents: Dinosaur Jr.

The years, the decades pass by and it is still difficult to believe that Dinosaur Jr., always such slackers with their undefined line, were the master beam of much of the alternative rock that came later. J Mascis, Lou Barlow and Murph are masters of burying melodies in noise . They are also a point of reference in that difficult game between assimilating the past without appearing to be revisionists .

Dinosaur Jr. have shared a second single, “Garden,” from their upcoming album Sweep It Into Space.

Divus Julius presents: Snapped Ankles

London based post-punk band Snapped Ankles were formed in East London in 2011, the band became known for their DIY nights, performing in “shamanistic costumes” with elements of performance art, live improvisations and art-rock.

 Musically the four-piece make dance-infused, post-punktronica which channels the improvisational spirit of Can into the visionary efficiency of Devo and delivered with relentless energy. It’s the sort of music that makes you want to move, but that’s not the main reason they’re best known for their incredible live performances. It’s not a rock show, it’s the immersive experience of entering their electronic forest. Dressed head to toe in ghillie suits and playing self-made synthesisers built from rotten logs, they create a visual spectacle on whatever stage they occupy. They create an atmosphere that stimulates all senses and is like nothing you’ve seen before.

Two years on since the release of ‘Stunning Luxury’ they have announced that their new album ‘Forest Of Your Problems’ will be landing on 2nd July via The Leaf Label.