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Divus Julius presents: King Nun

Dressed up in cultish imagery, complex lyricism and a mutating, tradition-be-damned approach to rock music’s typical sonic palette, King Nun’s long-awaited debut album ’Mass’ is a coming-of-age record like few others.

After they dropped their fab debut EP ‘I Have Love’ last year, King Nun have finally announced details for their first full-length, ‘Mass’. Coming out on 4th October via Dirty Hit, They’re celebrating the announcement by revealing deliciously dark first cut ‘Black Tree’.


Divus julius presents: Circa Waves

Formed in Liverpool in 2013, Circa Waves have captivated audiences for their melodic, propulsive rock sound, with comparisons The Strokes and the Vaccines.

Their latest album takes on new territory, as the band fuse the visceral thrill of rock music with a slick pop sound to cover themes of modern ennui, emotional fragility and all the inside-outs and upside-downs of relationships. Circa Waves have released their new album ‘What’s It Like Over There?

Divus Julius presents: She Wants Revenge

She Wants Revenge is a kick-ass band from Los Angeles, California. They are heavily influenced by Joy Division and early New Order. Their music is highly enjoyable. Their music is characterized by a dark and sexual nature.  She Wants Revenge with Interpol and Editors created a revival post-punk media scene in early 2000 that crossed borders.

His self-titled debut album was released with three singles “These Things” (where his video clip features the performance of Garbage vocalist Shirley Manson), “Out of Control” and “Tear You Apart”  The post-punk dance rockers, released last year their latest banger of a single “Big Love.” Tonight in concert at Sala Salamandra.


Divus Julius presents: Kindness

Identity and otherness, two ideas that have dominated political and cultural discourse in 2017, hold a special sort of fascination for British alt-pop producer Adam Bainbridge. Growing up as a mixed race kid — his father is English, his mother an Indian exile from South Africa, the daughter of political prisoner Amina Desai — in the predominantly white town of Peterborough probably has something to do with it. Then, in 2006, he gave up on a promising career as a grime producer after an early encounter with homophobia and transphobia at the hands of a celebrated blogger who goes by the name Donald Crunk.

By the time he returned to the industry in 2009 — this time as musical magpie/singer-producer Kindness — he had made peace with the idea of being an outsider. This reflects in his music, which sounds more than anything like a celebration of difference (he called his second album Otherness).

Kindness has announced details of their third album ‘Something Like A War’. Recorded in a series of locations across the world and produced entire by themselves, the follow-up to their 2014 album ‘Otherness’ is set for release on 6th September via Female Energy. Listen below Kidness fresh new single ‘Raise Up.’


Divus Julius presents: The Howl & The Hum

The Howl & The Hum are a miserable disco who write Bond themes for films where Jimmy is still hung up on that girl. They combine dark hypnotic pop with post-punk influences, pierced with lyrics that make you call your mum the next morning.

York-based four-piece, have just thrilled the airwaves with another statement track. Both exhilarating and atmospheric: “’Human Contact.”

Divus Julius presents: LUCIA

Originally starting life as the solo project of frontwoman Lucia Fairfull around five years ago, the singer soon realised that “having constant pals around you, cheering you on” was far more fun and thus was born Lucia, the band. Influenced by the strong women of the ’70s (Joan Jett, Debbie Harry et al) and grunge’s female protagonists, as well as more pop-leaning stars such as Lana Del Rey and classic girl group The Crystals, it’s in the way the group combine these influences with more cutting take downs of life’s harsher truths that sets them apart.