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Divus Julius presents: Paramore

Paramore have released their new song and video, This Is Why. The band have also announced their new album: This Is Why is due out 10 February 2023 on Atlantic.

Paramore have been a pop-punk favorite since delighting listeners with their early albums such as All We Know Is Falling (2005) and Brand New Eyes (2009). Their 2007 single “Misery Business” continues to inform modern pop.

Divus Julius presents: Nils Frahm

Nils Frahm’s work lives in the gray area between ambient, neoclassical, and other gossamer styles of experimental music. The Berlin-based composer and producer’s output tends to recall Philip Glass and Aphex Twin in equal measure, but he has released everything from dubby downtempo to theater scores.

Nils Frahm’s new album, entitled Music For Animals, marks the composer and musician’s first new studio material since 2018’s All Melody and its follow-up All Encores. Recorded at LEITER Studio in Funkhaus Berlin, the three-hour long release sees Frahm move away from his signature piano arrangements, leaning more into electronic compositions.

Divus Julius presents: Suede

This has been a five-years-period in which the band has been active enlarging and updating their myth with a powerful live performance and perpetuating one of the most solid and exciting careers of the British bands. Those bands that were born and created a generation (beyond the manic label of Brit Pop) which marked one of the most glorious ages of world music, especially with the publication of their first self-titled album back in 1993.

Brett Anderson and the rest of the band have been able to demonstrate that a band can stay on top releasing new excellent songs such as She stil leads on me from his brand new album ‘Autofiction.’

Divus Julius presents: Daniele Luppi

Italian-born film composer Daniele Luppi grew up listening to the groovy lounge sounds of Italian pop music in the late ’60s and early ’70s. Used in advertising, film, television and radio, this musical style became so much a part of Luppi’s life that he could not help but draw on its influence for his first full album, An Italian Story. Here, Luppi not only pays homage to the genre of his youth, but he takes it one very classy step further: he employed those musicians who originally brought the music to life to make his modern version of it shine. Born and raised in Rome, Luppi was classically trained on piano and also learned to play jazz organ, becoming a master of the Hammond B-3.

Daniele Luppi has worked with some artists, ranging from his 2011 Rome project – which included Danger Mouse and Jack White – to his 2017 recordings with Parquet Courts and Karen O.

His new EP finds the studio boffin pivoting once more, with Daniele Luppi combining with Cigarettes After Sex figure Greg Gonzalez. The incoming project is titled ‘Charm Of Pleasure’, and it merges two very distinct artists.

Divus Julius presents: Moon Panda

Newly California based. Spacey Slacker Pop, Galactic Om, Cosmic Sway…what ever you wanna call it, turn down your mind, relax your shoulders, and sway.

Blissed out bass lines and swooning, crooning vocals from Californian Maddy Myers paired with bodacious, groovin’ guitar from Danish Gustav Moltke. Joined by their great friend on drums, serving it up from LA, Josh Cabitac.

Releasing their critically acclaimed debut LP What On Earth back in April of this year, duo Moon Panda make their return with a new track dubbed ‘Submarine’. The song embeds head-nodding trip-hop drum programming with which sits underneath dream pop toppings.

Divus Julius presents: Deluxe

Deluxe was discovered by the band Chinese Man in 2007 in Aix-en-Provence, where they were performing on public streets. Deluxe started as 3 childhood friends who were passionate about music, and eventually became a group of five after adding Soubri and Pepe to the lineup in 2007. In December 2010 the band met a singer/rapper named Liliboy with whom they collaborated, and eventually added to the band’s lineup full-time. With the addition of Liliboy, the band became a more successful live act in France and other nearby European countries. The band lists their influences as “Beat Assailant, The Roots, General Elektriks, Cannonball Adderley, Matthieu Chedid, Gainsbourg and many more”. Their live performances are characterized by using many different instruments and working each one into the mix. Their last album ‘Moustache Gracias’ was released this year.

Divus Julius presents: The Armed

The Armed are a modern band with modern ideas. So much so that beyond being a rabble of hardcore smothering pop tendencies – particularly on the aptly named, 2021 release ULTRAPOP – they’re also a morphing manifestation of anger, creativity, and refuting restrictions, with all the switches that ignite these ideas cranked to eleven – all whilst also not strictly having any official members. Simply utterly ambiguous with the the most direct intention.