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Favourite Gig: O.M.D.

The legendary British duo formed by Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys, pioneers of synth-pop will review hits such as ‘Enola Gay’ and jewels like ‘Electricity’, ‘Souvenir’ or ‘Messages’ others and some oddities today in Barcelona, ​​on a tour where they’re celebrating 40 years of career. Tonight at Sala Apolo.


Favourite Gig: Fujiya & Miyagi

Exceedingly excellent electro/krautrock/post-house hybrid from the four ‘Karate Kid’-obsessed Brits, performing from new  album ‘Flashback’, which proves them to be one of the UK’s very best electronic pop acts. Tonight in concert at Razzmatazz.

Divus Julius presents: Lucy in Blue

Stepping boldly in the dusty footsteps of such giants as King Crimson, Camel and Pink Floyd, Lucy in Blue take the stage with atmospheric grooves and bittersweet harmonies. Their newest album, In Flight deals with the dilemmas of the psychedelic experience and spiritual poverty. Confusion, despair and wonder carry the listener from black beaches to snowy peaks, to emerge at the apex of felt experience, in flight.  Tonight at Sala Apolo.

The muses of La Musa: Lorena Álvarez

The Asturian singer and songwriter Lorena Álvarez manages to go beyond the usual limits of traditional music and place it in a new context in which contemporaneity and tradition can go hand in hand without complexes.

The versatile artist who has collaborated with artists such as Josephine Foster, Soleá Morente or Alonso Carmona, returns with her second album under her arm ‘Collection of simple songs’, her most intimate project to date. Tomorrow in concert at La2 d’Apolo.

Divus Julius presents: Nick Murphy

It’s not an easy feat to win over music critics and audiences with the first songs you release to the public. Just ask the Australian musician who, after being first known as Chet Faker in 2014 decided to kill that alter ego two years later to come back and present his music under his real name, Nick Murphy. He comes today to Barcelona to present his acclaimed 2019 album ‘Run Fast Sleep Naked’ live. Tonight at Sala Apolo.

Favourite gig: The Wedding Present

The renowned indie-rock group The Wedding Present is celebrating. It is the 30th anniversary of Bizarro, the second studio album of the band formed in 1985 in Leeds. In commemoration and to celebrate it, they will play tonight in Barcelona. The iconic record includes some of the most important songs of this British group, such as Keneddy and Brassneck, promising a memorable concert.