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Hit of the week: The Avalanches “Music Makes Me High”

Four years after their second full-length Wildflowers and 2020’s “We Will Always Love You” (with Blood Orange), Australian Melbourne based band The Avalanches have announced the release of a new album. We Will Always Love You will be out on December 11th via Astralwerks.  Check the new tracks called “Music Makes Me High”  which features Denzel Curry, Tricky, and Sampa The Great.

Music by Bergman: Die! Die! Die!

 Die! Die! Die! is one of the most prolific bands to emerge out of New Zealand’s indie, noise rock, and punk scenes over the last decade. Rooted in a stylistic conversation between post-punk, noise pop, shoegaze, lo-fi, experimental electronica and punk rock, at its emotional core, CHARM. OFFENSIVE. -their last album- is the sound of a road-worn underground band relaxing, and falling back in love with music all over again.

Die! Die! Die! have shared their new onslaught, ‘I Seek Misery’. The band – who returned with the ‘O’ EP last summer; their first release with bassist Lachlan Anderson since ‘Harmony’ in 2011 – will release the track as part of a double A-side along with ‘450’ on 23rd October.


Introducing…Crooked Colours

They may not be one of Australia’s most recognisable acts, but fittingly for their understated sound, they’re a group that’s been quietly chalking up some major achievements since emerging from Perth in 2015.

Their underrated debut album Vera had genuine streaming hits (‘Flow’ is up to 18 million plays and counting) and took some interesting risks (like linking up with Ivan Ooze on ‘I Hope You Get It’) and sought to solidify a sonic style – a blend of downtempo dance music with melodic sensibilities and live instrumentation and sampling.

Their slow-burning sound doesn’t hit you straight away, but its designed to intoxicate you – a spell that’s very difficult to shake off once its effect does take hold.

That bewitching element runs even deeper on their second album Langata, which posits Crooked Colours to follow in the footsteps of RÜFÜS DU SOL or Mansionair – Australian electronic trios who’ve built a following overseas with their meticulous production and a live show that lives up to that sonic.


4Ever Songs: Frankie Goes To Hollywood ‘Relax’

“Relax, don’t do it, when you want to suck it to it. Relax, don’t do it, when you want to come…” While these words provided ample excuse for BBC Radio and TV to impose a ban on the joyously hypnotic 1983 debut single by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, they also served as a mid-’80s anthem during an era when homo-eroticism became an intrinsic component of the Britpop scene. Thanks to a suitably lewd S&M promo video that, predictably, was also barred from the airwaves, along with a massive marketing campaign that saw kids all over the UK wearing T-shirts with the slogan ‘Frankie Says Relax’, the band rode a short-lived wave of high-profile controversy. Yet of far longer-lasting impact was the music behind all the hype — a hi-NRG brand of dance-synth-pop that, as crafted by production supremo Trevor Horn, broke new sonic ground, while epitomising ’80s excess in all its garish, overblown glory.

The muses of La Musa: Alex The Astronaut

Sydney songwriter, Alex The Astronaut is on the opposite side of the world studying a Maths and Physics degree on a soccer scholarship in New York. That’s not a combination of words you’ll hear every day. She’s an incredible story-teller who’s able to weave clever lyrics into beautifully layed out songs. She’s also the perfect person to talk to a generation right now.

Alex The Astronaut has always had a supernatural knack for capturing human experience in song. On The Theory Of Absolutely Nothing , she explores friendship, love, loss, pain and change, weaving a constellation of stories about the personal reckonings that come with growing up.

Divus Julius presents: Will Butler

William Butler is an American multi-instrumentalist and composer who is best known as a core member of the indie rock band Arcade Fire. He is the brother of Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler.

American music—in the tradition of the Violent Femmes, The Breeders, The Modern Lovers, Bob Dylan, Smokey Robinson, The Magnetic Fields, Ghostface Killah. Music where the holy fool runs afoul of the casual world.

With his new solo album ‘Generations’ our on 25th September, Arcade Fire’s Will Butler is unveiling the latest taste of what to expect, releasing new track ‘Bethlehem’.