Divus Julius presents…Slowthai

Like Kanye’s performance of All Day at the 2015 BRIT Awards, hoodie and flamethrower included. Like Skepta playing Shutdown at a rave under a London bridge to an audience going crazy. Like Stormzy spitting out his Shut Up in a park surrounded by a crowd. All these moments have something in common: their viscerality and their inherent intimidation and danger. That kind of danger that terrifies you but at the same time makes you feel alive. In the venomous grime by Tyron Frampton aka Slowthai there is danger, but there is also eloquence, rage, a sense of belonging (to Northampton), black humour, chaos and rawness (the one of a 23-year-old lad brought up on the margins). And there is a ton of energy, which explodes when Frampton plays live, half-naked and becoming one with the audience, honouring the person who said that nowadays punk is to be found on the underground passages of hip hop.

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