Divus Julius presents: Creeper

Creeper was originally meant to put the flamboyance back into punk. A few years ago he and some friends recorded a self-titled EP, released it, and that was that. They never intended to play a show. They never planned a follow-up. They certainly never expected, three years later, to be sat in the central London offices of their record label talking about a debut album that draws as much from film and television as it does their musical heroes. It’s been a journey, with the band always threatening to outrun the reach of their control, but somehow they’ve managed each leap forward with grace and style. The band have given up their day jobs, and now Creeper is their full-time concern. They’re still injecting the flamboyance back into punk, but now, there are bigger targets in mind.

The Southampton goth-punks have returned with a new single, ‘Born Cold’, after a year-long hiatus.

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